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Happy Hawaiian Independence Day!

Hauʻori Rā Tūʻotoʻa!! Hauʻoli Lā Kūʻokoʻa!!
Today marks the 170’th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi being an independent country, recognized by well-known world powers. On November 28, 170 years ago, the Hawaiian Kingdom got international federal recognition which then enabled Hawaiʻi to enter into treaties with other countries that recognized Hawaiʻi as an independent state and as an ally. 

Diplomatic Mission - During the reign of Tamehameha III he and all of Hawai’i knew that in order to protect the Kingdom they needed recognition as an independent sovereign state. On April 8, 1842, Timoteo Haʻalilio was appointed as the first diplomat of the Kingdom’s envoy to the United States, France and Great Britain. William Richards would assist him as advisor and translator. On that day George Simpson, the third appointed diplomat, shortly thereafter left for England, via Alaska and Siberia, while Haʻalilio and Richards departed for the United States, via Mexico, on July 8, 1842.

Verbal Recognition by the United States - The Hawaiian delegation while in the United States, secured the assurance of U.S. President John Tyler on December 19, 1842, of its recognition of Hawaiian independence, and then proceeded to meet Simpson in Europe and secure formal recognition by Great Britain and France.

Verbal Recognition by Europe - In London they met up with George Simpson and requested a visit with Lord Aberdeen who was British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. In February 1843 Richards, Simpson and Haʻalilio visited King Leopold I of Belgium. On March 17, 1843 they met François Guizot who was the French Foreign Minister. Both verbally accepted Hawaiian independence, and so did Lord Aberdeen on another visit on March 25. Confident in their success, George Simpson returned to Canada, thinking Richards and Haʻalilo could wrap up the details through April and May 1843.

Formal Proclamation of Independence - But it wasn’t until November 28, 1843, at the Court of London, did the British and French Governments formally recognized Hawaiian independence. They signed whats referred to today as the “Anglo-Franco Proclamation”, which is actually a joint declaration by France and Great Britain. The signature of Louis Saint-Aulaire on behalf of King Louis Philippe I of France, and signature of Lord Aberdeen on behalf of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, assured the Hawaiian delegation consisting of Timoteo Haʻalilio and William Richards that:

Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and His Majesty the King of the French, taking into consideration the existence in the Sandwich Islands of a government capable of providing for the regularity of its relations with foreign nations, have thought it right to engage reciprocally to consider the Sandwich Islands as an independent State, and never to take possession, either directly or under the title of Protectorate, or under any other form, of any part of the territory of which they are composed.

The Undersigned, Her Britannick Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and the Ambassador Extraordinary of His Majesty the King of the French, at the Court of London, being furnished with the necessary powers, hereby declare, in consequence, that their said Majesties take reciprocally that engagement.

In Witness whereof The Undersigned have signed the present Declaration, and have affixed thereto the seal of their arms.

Done in duplicate at London, the Twenty eighth day of November, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Three.

Aberdeen [L.S.]
St. Aulaire [L.S.]

From that point on the Hawaiian Kingdom was recognized as an independent, self-sustaining, sovereign state because of the declaration by two world powers (e.g. Great Britain and France). After receiving recognition, November 28 was made an official national holiday in the Hawaiian Kingdom celebrating the Hawaiian Kingdom’s birth into the international realm. The official name for the holiday is Lā Kūʻokoʻa ʻŌ Hawaiʻi Neʻi known commonly as Lā Kūʻokoʻa or Independence Day! Ea!

Ambassador Sai's Presentation to the Swiss Diplomats-Zurich Network Well Received

Territory of Hawaii Youth Indoctrination Programme

This is the actual programme which HAD to be carried out in public schools during the time of the so-called Territory of Hawaii. Right after the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii’s government (Queen Liliuokalani) the so-called Territory of Hawaii adopted this programme In order to denationalize the people of Hawaiʻi. The children were inculcated from a young age to believe they were American. The U.S. came up with this scheme to make sure the children at the time didn’t pass on their parents’ memory of the illegal annexation of the islands.

President Grover Cleveland's Message To U.S. Congress Regarding Hawaiʻi

President Cleveland’s message to the United States Congress upon hearing the James Blount Report acknowledging the so-called Provisional Government of Hawaii was a fraudulent, unlawful, and an illegitimate entity.
The U.S. President knew that Queen Liliʻuʻokalani was still the rightful authority of the Hawaiian Islands. He then again supported rejection of the proposed treaty sent to the U.S. from the so-called Provisional Government of Hawaii because it was unconstitutional. No treaty here folks!

Hawaiian Kingdom (Queen Lili
ʻuʻokalani) - 1

Provisional Government of Hawaii (Fakers) - 0

"Thoughts on SB1?"

by Anonymous

I don’t recognize the State of Hawaii as a lawful government but I’ll answer anyways. I don’t see why two people in love shouldn’t get married they ain’t harming anybody. I also don’t see how gay marriage is a more important matter than poverty, hunger, and houselessness. But everyones’ priorities are different I guess. 

Monarchy’s just going to make everyone fight for the throne and Kanaka Māoli fight enough already. The GOVERNMENT should rightfully be restored. The Hawaiian Kingdom never lost our sovereignty, our government (Queen Lili) was illegally overthrown. We still are a country, contrary to popular belief. If you are wondering why we aren’t getting a chance to run our country you should ask the U.S. government.

It depends on what you mean by ‘Hawaiians’. If you mean Kanaka Māoli then I’d have to slightly say yes.. Genocide is occurring to Kanaka Māoli because of Immigration+Christianity. Hawaiians however are many races because Hawaiian is a nationality, not so much a race.